To get you started evaluating the NEOCORTEC Wireless Mesh Networking Protocol, we have designed an evaluation kit which will take you through a few easy steps to start sending payload data from one PC to another through the NEOCORTEC network. Once the basic steps has been completed, you can start building your own application: We have designed the evaluation board such that you can easy interface to your favourite host controller:
  • USB link to a PC with 2 virtual COM ports. An Application Port to be used for sending and receiving payload data. An System Port to be used for configuring the configuration parameters as well as uploading new software releases should they become available.
  • Arduino® & Raspberry Pi® Open Source microcontroller systems can be connected directly to the evaluation board through the dedicated connecters on the board.
  • A set of “standard” footprints for microcontrollers such as PIC or MSP430 allows you to prototype an actual design with a microcontroller – without having to make custom hardware.

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