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Scanmarket Optional Services & Training

The Customer can upon need decide to include one or more of the following additional services and/or training in the Implementation Project.
The costs of the customer specific consultancy support and training referred to in this SOW document are not included in the standard Service package. The Customer’s need in relation to consultancy support and training will be established during the Implementation phase, and Scanmarket will then calculate the associated costs.

Tailored services

Sustainabilty analysis

The first step in running a strategic sourcing event is determining how suitable your product/category is for competition, determined primarily by two elements: 

  1. Market competition
  2. Procurement complexity
    As a rule of thumb:
  3. High competition/Low complexity: Suitable for eAuction or dynamic bid
  4. Low competition/High complexity: Not suitable for eAuction

Scanmarket has significant experience and tools available to help your organization develop and implement a suitability analysis program that will ensure your efforts are targeted for the best results.

tailored services

We drive business results

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Ease of use
Sourcing Strategic Training
Training to suit your company needs (online, off-line, on-site)
Fast & Easy Implementation for immediate business results
Flexible Configuration of platform
Legacy conversion
(easy and fast to move existing data into platform)

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