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Agile software developement

Cloud application development is fast and flexible. It is different from traditional software development in that it enables our team to consistently deliver new features to our customers. 

Like many cloud-based software companies, Scanmarket employs Agile software development methods. Agile methodology is based on iterative, incremental development and enables rapid, flexible response to change. Agile lends itself perfectly to cloud application development, and to the way we work at Scanmarket.

Supporting a single cloud platform eliminates unnecessary work. This enables our team to realize the full potential of Agile development methods. Every customer gets every release, eliminating all backward compatibility, operating system, and protocol issues.


The tools are proving to be very successful and simple to use. Scanmarket takes a ‘can-do’ approach and provides first class support.

Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development

Smart technology

Scanmarket’s smart technology learns from users. Agile methods let us take what we learn and drive feature development based on clicks and navigation patterns, so we can respond quickly to changing customer needs and market demands.

Scanmarket’s Platform Development Team is able to deliver updates every 3 weeks, with dozens of new market and customer driven features - not simply patches and bug fixes.


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