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Scanmarket offers four types of standard workshops, which are facilitated three times a year in DK (Solbjerg), UK (London) and Finland (Helsinki). The Scanmarket workshops is a good way of training individual users instead of postponing the training until there is enough users to run a customer specific workshop. The Scanmarket workshop is also a great opportunity to meet other users, hear their stories and learn from their experiences.

eSourcing Workshops

Scanmarket is hosting eSourcing workshops on a regular basis for anyone who is about to start or already are using an eSourcing solution and wants to learn how to effectively plan and conduct eSourcing events. In our workshops you will get a thorough introduction into Scanmarket's eSourcing platform, gain extensive knowledge of the decisive factors for achieving success with eSourcing and delivering great results for your business.

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eAuction Strategy Seminar

Sucessful execution of eAuctions requires in-depth eAuction knowledge, a consistent suitability analysis, and a solid strategy. Scanmarket’s eAuction Strategy Workshop provides a framework for utilizing eAuctions as a negotiation method and aims to broadly promote a common understanding of best practices required to conduct successful eAuctions and drive real, meaningful business results.

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eSourcing Webinars

eSourcing Webinar Wednesdays are an easy and efficient opportunity to ensure expert eSourcing training of your entire staff. These weekly webinars provide an opportunity to “upgrade” an individual user's capabilities within the RFx and eAuction modules. In addition to standard functionalities, these webinars also provide an opportunity to discover more advanced functionalities or new event types that can help you meet your eSourcing targets.

You can join the eSourcing Webinar Wednesdays from the comfort of your office or on-the-go. With a new webinar series starting approximately every month you never have to wait long to get up to speed.

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Tailored services

Customer tailored Workshops

Scanmarket also offers Customer tailored Workshop, which are typically conducted onsite for a larger group of users. The workshops can be tailored to any topic, need etc., and Scanmarket is always open to an agenda discussion to ensure the workshop content fits the purpose of the workshop.

"We surveyed the buyers and asked them if they felt more confident running auctions since attending the training….over 90% of them said they agreed or strongly agreed with this statement., combined with solid execution, support & services."

— Max Francks, Head of Best Practice, Iglo Foods Group Ltd.
Tailored services

Customer tailored Webinars

Scanmarket also offers Customer tailored Webinars, which are typically conducted for a larger group of users The webinars can be tailored to any topic, need etc., and Scanmarket is always open to an agenda discussion to ensure the workshop content fits the purpose of the workshop. A common Customer tailored Webinar is the “How to save time” Webinar, where the Webinar agenda is to highlight all the system short cuts such as the Question library, Category templates, Category taxonomy, Supplier groups etc. Another common Customer tailored Webinar is the “Super user” Webinar, where all the Super user admin functionalities are explained together with Best Pratice is relation to KPI tracking and user support.


Supplier training

Supplier Training Package

This package is dedicated to conducting Supplier trainings prior to live eAuctions. The package is typically utilized, when the Customer’s users have limited resources. As a result, the users will focus on the eAuction strategy, creation and monitoring, and Scanmarket will ensure all Supplier trainings are conducted. The training are typically one-to-one trainings conducted over the phone.