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Upcoming events

Procurement Leaders - Agile Procurement: Thriving through Disruption, London - May 2018

The Procurement Leaders event in London is a great way to get procurement intelligence with a European focus. The European supply chain is facing significant challenges right now (e.g. Brexit, US trade threats, etc.) and this event will provide you with a unique focus on topics that matter to European procurement professionals. This year's agenda has a great focus on specific "Inhibitors" such as better supplier engagement and talent development. As one of the premier European eSourcing providers, Scanmarket always has a large presence at PL London.

SIG Rancho Marage - Fall 2018 Global Executive Summit - Rancho Mirage, CA - October 2018

SIG is a unique event in the procurement industry as it's the one event where they have a strict no-selling rule. This benefits all participants because it enables you to have candid conversations with people regardless of their roles and without the sales pressure that sometimes accompanies interactions at other events. Key to success for your attendance at SIG is going in with an openness to learning something new even if it comes from an area of the procurement discipline that's unfamiliar to you.

eSourcing Workshop

Join our upcoming eSourcing Workshop at a location near you. In the eSourcing Workshop we focus on getting to know the Scanmarket platform and setting up eRFx and eAuctions events. This workshops is ideal for new to eSourcing or for those who simply need to refresh their eSourcing skills and knowledge.

eAuction Strategy Workshop

For the more experienced users, join our eAuction Strategy Workshop. In the eAuction Strategy Workshop we focus on process, strategy and best practice.


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